Fuzzing Essentials: Training for Federal Employees and Contractors

Remote | October 11, 2022 | 11am - 7pm ET / 8am - 4pm PT
Registration Deadline: October 4, 2022

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Mayhem is a powerful Dynamic Security Testing framework that provides automated testing and analysis to find critical security bugs, thereby preventing potential exploitation by attackers. All software vulnerabilities that Mayhem finds have a corresponding test case and there are no false positives.

Integrating Mayhem into your DevOps or DevSecOps process can provide high levels of software assurance and help produce stable and secure software.


This training is offered free of charge to Federal employees and Federal contractors. 


All attendees who complete both days of training and all lab exercises will receive a Certification of Completion of the Fuzzing Essentials course, issued by ForAllSecure.

Required Skills

  • An understanding of Linux and the ability to use Linux. We assume all participants can use the command line to run programs, set environment variables, edit scripts, etc.
  • Moderate C programming experience within Linux. Participants should be able to understand C source code, edit source code with either vim, emacs, or nano, and compile code in Linux.
  • Background in binary analysis and vulnerability research is preferred but not required.


In this training course, you will learn how to use Mayhem, a tool for automatically checking software for critical security bugs with zero false positives.

Mayhem performs dynamic analysis, which means it runs the program to find bugs, vulnerabilities, and other issues we refer to as defects. Mayhem runs on the program binary executable, and not the source code, to ensure that all defects found are in the code that executes, not just the source code that was compiled.

Questions or comments? Contact [email protected]


Questions? Please contact us at [email protected]

By the end of this course, you will learn how to:

  1. Understand the science behind Mayhem, specifically:
    1. Understanding dynamic analysis, its importance in software security and how it compares to static analysis.
    2. Defining fuzzing and how Mayhem uses fuzzing to generate inputs to find defects and test a program.
    3. Defining what code coverage is, and why it is measured.
    4. Learning about symbolic execution, a powerful dynamic program analysis technique rooted in formal program analysis.
    5. Formulating how Mayhem combines these techniques for an efficient and user-friendly approach to dynamic analysis.
  1. Run Mayhem on executable (aka “binary”) programs, specifically:
    1. Understand the Mayhem workflow and UI
    2. Package up applications for Mayhem analysis
    3. Run continuous testing on new revisions of software
    4. Identify code that is Mayhem-compatible
    5. Focus Mayhem on specific code regions of interest.

This course has a strong lab component, where participants will interact with Mayhem. Answers for each section will be provided with explanations and references so that users may walk through the labs at home without instructor assistance.

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"Mayhem allows our engineers to easily get started with fuzz testing and find software flaws without knowing much about fuzzing. The learning curve of new tools can be steep, and Mayhem made it as frictionless as possible for our engineers to start finding bugs and gain more assurance in our software."

Evan Johnson, Head of Product Security at Cloudflare

“Mayhem’s fuzzing tech is unlike any platform I’ve worked with before -- in the best ways possible. Through their native symbolic execution engine in conjunction with their fuzzers, we can feed native binaries that run at our edge and perform behavior analysis at scale."

David Haynes, Security Engineer at Cloudflare

"Integrating Mayhem into our development process was a breeze, only taking a few minutes to configure and deploy. With great documentation and advanced features not normally found in other platforms, such as network target fuzzing, Mayhem allowed us to easily expand automate testing that would have taken significantly more effort with other solutions"

Alessandro Ghedini, Systems Engineer

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Speakers Section

David Brumley
CEO and Co-founder
David co-founded ForAllSecure to automatically check and protect the world's software. ForAllSecure's products are based upon over 10 years of his research in program analysis.
Alex Rebert
Co-founder and Head of Innovation
Alex is a computer security researcher, specializing in automated program analysis and bug finding.
Thanassis Avgerinos
Co-founder and VP of Engineering
Thanassis is an expert in program analysis, testing, and software security with over a decade of operational and academic experience.
Jeff Whalen
VP of Product
Jeff brings more than a dozen years of product experience to ForAllSecure, where he serves as the Vice President of Product Management.
Jonathan Doe
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